Certified Family Law Specialist

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Howington & Associates is a law firm dedicated to providing legal service to the Inland Empire and surrounding communities.  Our practice is devoted primarily to family and divorce law with particular emphasis on dissolutions, child custody matters, child and spousal support, paternity actions and high asset cases (including businesses).

Joseph Howington is a Certified Family Law Specialist, who, along with associate attorneys James Madden and Krystle Lilly, have combined experience in excess of 50 years handling family law matters.  Ronald Funk, an attorney with 18 years of experience, handles writs and appeals for our clients.  Our team of Certified Legal Assistants and ancillary staff provide knowledgeable and experienced support for our attorneys.

We are proud of our reputation as passionate, empathetic and knowledgeable legal professionals who are committed to helping families in transition and to providing the best representation for our clients during this difficult period in their lives.  We attempt to reach amicable and cost effective resolutions whenever we can, but if such resolutions are not possible, our clients can rely with confidence upon our reputation as strong litigators.