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Krystle M. Lilly


Family Law Attorney Krystle LillyAttorney Krystle M. Lilly attended the University of La Verne which allowed her to maintain her commitments to the Inland Empire community. She graduated with various Dean’s List recognitions and achieved the Highest Grade honor in Religion and Law.

During the time she attended University, Ms. Lilly devoted two years to San Bernardino self-help centers, working in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino/Historic, and Child Support courthouses. Such endeavors have cemented Ms. Lilly’s desire to pursue family law and child support matters. Her sense of compassion have blossomed from her philanthropic pursuits and aptitude from her law school education is only enhanced by her efforts to become a Certified Mediator, mastering the art of negotiation during emotionally charged situations.

As the youngest member of the law firm, Ms. Lilly is determined to establish strong rapport with her clientele with her personable nature and results-oriented approach.

If you would like to speak with Ms. Lilly, you are welcome to contact her via our website or call 909-581-6000.