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Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

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Domestic violence is a complicated collection of laws and circumstances. It can happen to anyone – man, woman, or child. It can be physical or psychological as a result of contact or verbal abuse when one person is trying to dominate or control another. In any and all of these cases, it is morally and legally unacceptable.

If you are currently the victim of domestic violence and need immediate help, CALL 9-1-1.

Due to the variety of domestic violence circumstances, they can be handled in criminal or family court systems. A restraining order (or protective order) can help protect you and your family from an abuser or someone who may be harassing you. There are many types of restraining orders and our attorneys can help you quickly and confidentially learn about your options.

Restraining orders can stop someone from contacting you in any way, stalking, threatening, or harassing you. They can also be used to prevent someone from approaching you. These are called “stay away orders”. They can protect you at home, your office, your child’s school, your car, or even your gym or frequent coffee shop. A third type of restraining order is a “residence exclusion” or “kick-out/move-out”. This order will force someone to move out of a residence occupied by the person filing the order.

Know your rights and protect yourself. You are legally entitled to be safe from abuse, harassment, stalking, and threats. If you or a family member is the victim of illegal behavior, protect yourself with experienced legal counsel that will aggressively and professionally represent you in court. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please contact our office today.