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Grandparent Rights

Know Your Rights as a Grandparent

Obtaining visitation rights as a grandparent can be challenging. California, as well as most states, believes in the concept that parents are at liberty to make decisions about the care of their child’s control and custody. Fit parents that allow even minimal visitation to grandparents are considered to be following their parental rights, and it can be very difficult to convince a court otherwise. Visitation laws in areas such as Riverside CA, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Upland CA, and Temecula, all provide rebuttable presumptions that grandparent visitation may not be in a child’s greatest interest when both parents agree visitation should not be allowed. We can help you obtain visitation rights and keep you informed of progress every step of the way. At Howington & Associates, our goal is to keep families together by providing you with some of the best legal services available.

Grandparents Need to Know Their Rights

Grandparent rights are just as important as parental rights. At Howington & Associates, we understand the plight to retain rights to see the youngest members of your family. When family ties are estranged, it is important to seek legal counsel regarding visitation with grandchildren. There are many circumstances that exist when considering grandparent rights. You need expert legal counsel to aid you in making the right choices during this stressful time. California courts will always rule in the best interest of the children in these types of cases, regardless of grandparent’s rights. Let us aid you in solidifying visitations rights with your grandchildren.

Circumstances that Can Alter and Determine Grandparent Visitation Rights

  • When a Parent Is Deceased
  • Whether Parents Are Separated
  • When Parents Are Married

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