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Prenuptial Agreements

Invest in a Prenuptial Agreement with Howington & Associates

Prenuptial agreements are not as bad as they sound. In the past, a prenuptial agreement was considered to be a negative start to a marriage. They are more commonplace in states such as California, and are becoming the norm in areas such as Rancho Cucamonga, Temecula, San Bernardino, Upland CA and Riverside CA. Couples that are getting ready to marry, find there is a certain amount of security in obtaining a prenuptial agreement lawyer that can guide them through the process of protecting their future.

Secure Your Future with a Prenuptial Agreement

When you choose Howington & Associates to help you outline a prenuptial agreement, you are retaining a professional family attorney that keeps your best interests in mind. Expert advice and input will aid you in making sure every aspect is covered between you and your future mate while drafting a consensual prenuptial. The ratio of first marriages that end up in divorce is astounding and only rises in consideration of second and third marriages. Since divorce rates are high, the wise option is to invest in a prenuptial so both parties are protected concerning investments, assets, personal property, retirement income and stocks. This can help both parties avoid devastating loss. It is wise to seek separate legal counsel when a prenuptial agreement is drafted, and have both sides review it in consideration of the potential impact on personal rights. You do not need to be wealthy in order to have a prenuptial in place. In fact, we believe a prenuptial is a reflection on each person involved that wants to have a personal insurance policy in place, in simple terms.

The Positive Aspects of a Prenuptial Agreement

  • Plan for Your Future in a Smart Manner
  • Most that Draw Up Prenuptials, Hope Not to Need It
  • Prenuptials Reflect Goals and Personal Needs
  • Sets Forth Each Party’s Obligations and Rights

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