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Regarding Simpson, An Unfortunate Client


I normally do not respond to online postings as most of my clientele comes from referrals/word of mouth, but the allegations found herein are so outrageous, I believe they require a response from me. Despite the fact this former client has posted edited snippets of text messages, emails between himself and me/my office staff, what I am saying in this blog does not involve any attorney/client confidentiality but rather only what is public record. In fact, I urge you to look at the public record of this individual’s penal code violations and decide for yourself.

I was hired in late 2017 to represent this client in a domestic violence and dissolution of marriage action against his domestic partner. For reasons which are confidential, I filed a motion to withdraw from his case due to a potential conflict in my ethical responsibilities. I appeared in court on April 17, 2018 for the hearing on this motion to withdraw. This client told the court (again, public record) that I refused to file an order on his behalf, as his attorney, for a matter that occurred in Indio in 2005 and for something that was denied in 2010 by the court. He was correct on this account – I refused to file this order on his behalf because it was against my ethical principles and because I was not hired by this client to file anything with the Indio court.

During this appearance on April 17, 2018 at the Motion to be Relieved, this client told the Judge on the record that he wanted Mr. Howington to stay on the case. In response, I asked the Judge to provide a ruling on my motion to be relieved and it was granted. Again, all of this is public record. I preserved all of this client’s rights pending on calendar by continuing all scheduled dates with the court, thus giving this client the time to retain another attorney. I also advised him to retain another attorney to represent him. Logically, rationally and reasonably, if l had committed malpractice as he states on his website, a rational, reasonable person would not want me to remain on this case, yet those were his words to the court. That alone suggests that nothing I did was below the standard. What is said on his website is defamation, slander and, in my opinion, done solely for the purpose of this client obtaining some type of financial gain.

If anyone who reads this would like to inquire of my integrity and my competence, I ask that you please check my online AVVO ratings since 1979, check with my former clients and with other attorneys, judicial officers in the community and find out for yourself that my reputation is as an honest, competent attorney.

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