Child Custody & Visitation

This area of family law is often fraught with emotion as it involves minor children of parties and where they will live and when they will be in the custody of either parent. It is imperative that the attorney evaluating and presenting the issues to the court is versed in current law, as the laws regarding custody change frequently. Child custody litigation may involve many different stages such as temporary orders which are made at the Request For Orders (RFO) stage. Before the time of trial there may be a need for written discovery and depositions and experts may be retained before permanent orders are made at the time of trial. Keep in mind, however, that child custody litigation is not the preferred way to resolve custody disputes, instead, the parties should take all actions reasonably appropriate to resolve child custody conflicts between themselves as ongoing conflict is never in the best interests of a child. The potential emotional damage caused to a child in litigation may not be worth the outcome. Parties should only elect to fight custody if he or she believes there is no realistic alternative.