Co-Habitation (Marvin Actions)

Unmarried parties residing together may be impacted by various provisions of the family law code. Cohabitation may create property rights from an express or implied agreement or contract. Cohabitation can lead to civil litigation in what is referred to as a "Marvin case" which is very different than a divorce and is essentially a civil matter and not tried in a divorce court. If you are not currently married but have been in a long-term relationship with someone, you may want to consider establishing a domestic partnership. When you are in a domestic partnership it is important to reinforce your commitment and protect your rights. Family attorneys understand the need for unmarried people to create a relationship that is legal and defined under California family codes. Whether you live in Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, or somewhere in between; a domestic partnership helps committed partners to legitimize a relationship status. This helps manage legal family ties.

Domestic Partnerships Give Peace of Mind and Security to Both Partners

Howington & Associates understand that both parties in a domestic partnership deserve to have their legal rights upheld. Partnership rights are considered to be similar to those of a legally married couple. We can help make sure that you meet the proper criteria in order to establish a domestic partnership. When you need to file important documents with the state, it should be done with legal assistance and the use of legal representation. We understand domestic partnership needs and can expedite your request legally. There are many reasons to establish a domestic partnership. Some of these reasons include inheritance, child custody, and anti-discrimination rights.

The Many Reasons to Use Howington & Associates for Domestic Partnership Requirements

  • Manage your partnership with the aid of our legal professionals

  • Our attorneys understand procedures and paperwork concerning domestic partnerships

  • We pride ourselves on working on your behalf to achieve your goals

  • We can help you file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership

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