Divorce / Dissolution

A dissolution of marriage is just another way of saying "divorce" and refers to the process by which a couple can end their marriage permanently. The process of dissolution can be challenging because it involves potentially complex and emotionally-charged issues such as child custody and support, spousal support and division of property and debts. Individuals / couples considering dissolution should seek legal advice with an experienced family law attorney, preferably a Certified Specialist, who can evaluate and explain the issues in their particular case. These issues may be settled or may be resolved in a trial or hearing. Not all cases require a court trial, in fact, many cases do not proceed to a hearing or trial and are settled between the parties using the expertise of their lawyers. If the objective is to try to settle the matter without involving the courts, our experienced attorneys we will evaluate your issues and make recommendations in that regard. Keep in mind, however, that you should always hire a divorce lawyer who is capable of litigating a case because even cases that appear to be guaranteed settlement may end up in court. We stand ready to protect our client's interests either way.